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Amstrad Action

Ocean Conqueror
By Rack-It
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #39

Ocean Conqueror

It's time to put on your sailor's cap and head out for the open sea again in the latest in a long line of submarine simulations (the last voyage was Grandslam's Hunt For Red October), and the first at budget price. Before you set sail, a difficulty level must be selected from the range of captain to admiral - you can also choose whether you want fog or not, which is an option motorists could do with.

There are two areas: a periscope view in the upper third and an instrument panel in the other two thirds of the screen. The instrument panel has a radar screen, weapon information, speed, depth and your heading.

There's also a damage indicator to show what sort of condition the submarine is in. A map can also be called which shows your position in the playing area. The periscope is replaced by the map when you're submerged.

The ocean is packed with things to destroy or go to: destroyers, oil rigs, freighters, lighthouses, islands... Two of the islands have docks to which you can return for repairs.

There are four convoys containing a mixture of freighters and destroyers to hunt down, and you have to make sure you don't get sunk while doing it to them.

A good tune plays on the title and effects within the game are adequate. The graphics aren't what you'd call spectacular, but they're up to the job.

There are several difficulty levels and the playing area is quite large. Being able to accelerate time is always a useful option (can't do it at school though, more's the pity!) and that's something in its favour.

Simulations are rare, and £2 ones are even rarer. Definitely worth a look.

Second Opinion

If you want a game that's not too fast, you can't really get a slower subject than a submarine simulation. In a nutshell, cruising around the ocean for days on end won't get anyone's pulses racing.

Ocean Conqueror is limited in that you can't turn your viewpoint with manoeuvering the submarine. When you actually find a convoy, it's very difficult to hit anything before you're sent to Davy Jones' locker.

The program has lots of nice features like a good radar display, damage control and anti-ship missiles, but these minor points can't offset the underlying tedium of the game. For sims fans only.

First Day Target Score

Sink a convoy.

Green Screen View

No major problems.


Graphics 56%
P. Easy to read instrument panel.

Sonics 48%
N. Poor effects.

Grab Factor 52%
N. Accelerated time helps to relieve the tedium.
N. Tricky to sink anything.

Staying Power 48%
P. Skill levels range from captain to admiral.
N. Too few variables.

Overall 54%
An inexpensive submarine simulation.