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Computer Gamer

By Artic Computing
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer Gamer #10


You are alone on the hollowed out asteroid starship Obsidan. The ship is on course for a black hole, shields driven by energy from the main engines protect the ship from the vast forces at work throughout the passage through the black hole and into the next universe.

But (there's always a 'but'!) the shields do not protect the human crew so they have to travel in a separately and slightly different shielded pod.

However, all is not well and the ship looks like being destroyed! You being the only one to have the necessary knowledge of how to fix the ship get volunteered to teleport into the stricken ship and save it from certain destruction at the hands of the black hole (do black holes have hands?).

The game features you as a little man with a jetpac, travelling from room to room collecting objects and using these to solve problems, rather like a beed game called Devil's Domain. This problem-solving part of the game is very good and you need to thin hard about some of the objects and some of the problems.

Of course there are all sorts of things out to stop you, including nasty aliens and laser beams and things.

The graphics are very good and are based on the four colour mode of the Amstrad which gives very good detail but less of a colour choice; however, what colour there is has been used to good effect.

On the whole this is a very good game and is well worth waiting the long loading time, one detraction I thought was the lack of save feature. Save options are usually not put into non-adventure games, though the few games like this that I have seen would need to well to have one.