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Numbers At Work
By Collins
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #115

This package, part of Collins' Brainpower series, is a two disc and manual set. It can also be purchased as a twin cassette and manual pack. The aim of the series is to teach new skills and then to show the user how to apply the skills learned.

The manual suggests three different approaches to using the package. The first is to jump straight in and use the teaching program or as an alternative you could sit and read the textbook to learn how the teaching process works. The third option is to go directly to the applications program and use it to help you solve your own problems.

The teaching program is comprised of eight sections each with an optional timer - so you can see if your responses are getting better - and a progress target. The latter sets a target for you to attain in the test section before moving on to a new lesson. The subjects taught are working with fractions, ratios and proportions, decimals and percentages, applying percentages, growth rates and indices and a final section on useful techniques.

Each section is easy to use for the absolute beginner or for anyone wishing to revise a particular subject. The application program is equally easy and helps solve your problems quickly.

Its only drawback is the price.