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Home Computing Weekly

Number Painter
By Sinclair Research
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #95

Although this game is rated for childen between the ages of five and fourteen, people much older will find it fun. It's a multi-screen platform game, cleverly adapted to develop mental agility by using mathematics as a theme. The object is to make your total equal the target.

This is done by guiding a character around the screen, over number, either plus or minus, or mathematical symbols. When you reach a number, or symbol, you press a key and your total is altered accordingly and the number or symbol flies off to another place. Whilst you are playing a bucket of paint is wending its way to the top of the screen. Once it gets there the paint is spilt and that little session is over.

There are twelve levels of difficulty, with targets ranging from one to ten up to 700 and 999. With four speeds, from Mr. Plod to Mr. Speedy, there is a choice for anyone. Of course, the faster the character, the faster the bucket rises.

An excellent game, well thought out, expertly programmed, and a price which is almost unbelievable these days.