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Home Computing Weekly

Nuclear Games
By Severn
Commodore 16/Plus 4

Published in Home Computing Weekly #92

This is a graphics adventure game. A super computer has taken control of the Nuclear Defence System and is about to start a war. The only person who realises is a forgetful scientist. He has made up a ditty that contains clues on stopping the computer. You must break into the establishment, solve the clues, and stop the computer.

This is nicely thought out and presented. The game uses a fast loading system displaying screen colours while loading to assure you that all is well. There is an introductory sequence that sets the scene and atmosphere which contains good graphics and music.

The entering a two word, verb and noun instruction. The action is depicted on the graphics screen which occupies the top half of the screen. I liked the fact that the graphics often responded to your actions. Tying a rope to a tree resulted in a rope appearing. When you need a break you can save your position to tape and continue another time. This should provide hours of adventuring.