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Home Computing Weekly

Nodes Of Yesod
By Odin
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #119

This is a super game, if you go for the searching and collecting genre set on the Moon. There's a super complicated background, but what it boils down to is that you are to collect the keys which will admit you to the chamber holding a 2001 style monolith.

Your journey starts on the superbly drawn surface of the Moon, but you must make sure you don't drop down a crater before befriending a moon-mole! Once you do, you can drop in on a huge range of smooth-scrolling antagonists, who make jumping from platform to platform difficult. Better still, it's breezy down there, and on occasions, the wind takes you well off course. Left and right movement are easy, but jumping is accomplished using a series of back flips, which are beautifully animated. And the mole? When you reach a wall, you can call up the mole and get him to eat through it as a means to escape. You'll only get back to the surface by very clever manoeuvering, or a jet of rising air. Watch out for the marauding red space-person though, he'll nick your goodies!

I nearly forgot, there's great music at the beginning, which just shows what can be done on the Spectrum, and, would you believe, some tolerable speech, though you only get that once. I found this a real challenge, and the quality of programming shows that somebody at Odin really took a pride in their work. Pricey, but could be a smash.


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