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ZX Computing

Ninja Master
By Firebird
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #28

Ninja Master

What could make more sense? Take two successful game formulae and blend them together to form a third. At least, that seems to be the idea with this game, it could be called Way Of The Track and Field or Hyper Sports meets Fighting Warrior.

Actually the main format is that of the track and field type of game and you progress through the grades by reaching qualifying scores in each of the four different events. The events are:

1. Defend against arrows by punching and kicking them out of the way. 2. Build up power by pressing left/right in order to karate chop a log. 3. Use a sword to defend against flying Shuriken stars. 4. Use a blow pipe to fire at flying cannisters.

Ninja Master

The graphics are acceptable but not really in the same league of similar programs, the number of events is likewise limited by having said this the program is also a lot cheaper than its contemporaries.

The game is enjoyable to play. It has a charm of its own and is fairly addictive. Backgrounds are well drawn and colourful while the animation is reasonable.

Sound is interesting. If you connect up a beep booster or other sound enhancement system then your Ninja character yells a passable "Ha!!" every blow he makes or when struck.

A high score or 'record' is kept for each event and an overall score is used for a hall of fame at the end.

Though limited, I enjoyed this game and at the price I would recommend it, especially if you do not already own any of its predecessors. If you are already a master of a similar game then you may find this one a little too easy. One final gripe, between each screen the computer does a good imitation of a system reset. Very unnerving.