Nightbreed (The Hit Squad) Review | Zzap - Everygamegoing


By The Hit Squad
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #87


Based on the crud movie Nightbreed and the most excellent novel Cabal, Nightbreed on the C64 is back. Although this isn't completely true 'coz Zzap never reviewed it before (hah, fooled you!).

The game plot goes something like this: Boone (the player) is being treated for a psychiatric disorder. He's been accused of a series of brutal murders by a Doctor Decker, who is himself the culprit in the guise of his alter ego, 'The Mask'. In hospital, Boone hears of a hidden place called Midian, which is inhabited by wondrous creatures known only as the Nightbreed. Boone's task is to save the Nightbreed from the 'Sons Of The Free' (a bunch of nutters), while saving Lou (his girlie) from 'The Mask'.

After being baptised by the Nightbreed God Baphomet, Boone's able to change into 'Cabal' (his ass-kicking alter ego). Which is just as well 'coz he's up against some very nasty creatures. He starts the game unarmed but there are weapons scattered around to help him in his many tasks. Hurry up, Lori won't last long in the clutches of 'The Mask'.

The first thing that strikes you is the gaudy colour scheme - sunglasses are definitely required! Though to be fair, some of the sprites are very impressive (especially the monsters). Playability is high as well, especially as Boone/Cabal has to complete several very tough tasks. Overall, Nightbreed is just about worth purchasing at a budget price, but beware of the mildly annoying multi-load.