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Home Computing Weekly

Night Gunner
By Digital Integration
Sinclair ZX81

Published in Home Computing Weekly #5

"You are the rear gunner in the turret of a bomber aircraft under attack by enemy fighters. Survival depends on your skill to defend your plane as the enemy weaves about the night sky ... "

So begins the blurb accompanying this game, and very exciting it is too. The blurb, that is. The game itself is something of a disappointment, although its repeated failure to load did lead me to feel at least a modicum of aggression.

Around the cross hairs of a gunsight, enemy planes cunningly disguised as punctuation marks jump and jerk. You aim your gun with the cursor keys, and fire with letter Q.

A score is kept, calculated on how long you take to shoot the baddies down, and if they get you, HIT is flashed across the screen. That is more or less all there is to the game.

It was not a good idea to select the cursor keys as controls: they cannot be used without concentration and discomfort. A program is designed for a computer, but a game is a thing for a human to play. The more that software reflects this, the better for us humans.


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