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Nifty Lifty
By Visions
BBC Model A & B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #67

With two controls and very quick reflexes, you must guide yourself up through layers of shop floors. You can move left and right, and are constantly threatened by vertically moving lifts.

The object is to work your way up the screen by running across each shop floor, avoiding the menacing guard-controlled lifts. At the end of each shop floor is an upward pointing arrow and by running into this you automatically climb the stairs. Each screen consists of about 10 floors, and it's not long before the lifts start to crowd you out of the game.

The deafening music is immediately recognisable as the theme music from The Sting. The problem is that once you have made the sound option, your choice is irreversible.

Overall, I thought the graphics were great, and I found the smooth movement a pleasure to watch. A fantastic game.

After playing I am having second thoughts about who products quality software for the BBC. I'm sure Visions will soon get its name associated with some of the finest software made for the BBC.


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