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Nick Faldo Plays The Open
By Mind Games
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #58

Nick Faldo Plays The Open

Do you want to play a round with Nick Faldo? Sounds slightly dubious, eh? But not a bit of it. This is the Royal St George's Club in Sandwich and everything's above board and very respectable.

Nick Faldo Plays The Open has been around for some time on other formats but the Amstrad is probably the best. Good size graphics, bright and colourful, and a uncluttered screen lay out.

The lower half of the screen is taken up with the icons for controlling the game - choice of club, direction and strength of shot, weather and score card.

In the centre is the animation of the golfer. In the Spectrum version of the game, the animation also included the caddy who would pass you the selected club. "Are you sure?" he would day. "Yes," you reply, which prompts an "OK" from him. All this is missing, but not missed from the Amstrad version. The lack of this verbal interplay speeds up the game.

Nick Faldo Plays The Open is good fun and instantly playable. But, to be honest, Ariolasoft's Golf Construction Set on the Commodore 64 has the edge.