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Computer Gamer

Nick Faldo Plays The Open
By Mind Games
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer Gamer #17

Nick Faldo Plays The Open

Originally from the Spectrum, this completely converted game - making good use of all the Amstrad's features, with good graphics and a pseudo icon command structure.

The game is golf. On a single golf course taken from the Sandwich Golf Club in Kent where the 1985 Open was held. There is very little that you can say about a golf game, it seems to mirror the original course very well, the instruction manual is actually the course guide with only one mistake-ridden page left to explain the game.

The graphics presentation is quite nice, but more detail and thought seems to have gone into this (the little man whacking the ball for instance) than into the actual game. The graphics are plan view only, without even the simplest "painter's algorithm" 3D effect that is so simple to achieve, yet, hasn't bothered with here.

Once you have mastered this course there is no other and no option to redesign the existing one.

On the whole I felt that this was a disappointing game, marred by too flashy graphics rather than spending more time on the gameplay detail. After playing Golf Construction Set or Leaderboard, this seems a bit disappointing.