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Nick Faldo Plays The Open
By Mind Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #42

Nick Faldo Plays The Open

WITH remarkable originality Argus has produced a golf game. Not just any golf game, you understand, but Nick Faldo's absolutely faithful Open with stunning 900 screen map.

The screens show the Royal St George's golf course, venue for the 1985 British Open. A close-up of your position is given, with controls for selection of club, direction of shot and strength. There's a picture of the golfer and a portly caddy who hands him the clubs and makes sarcastic comments on your lack of prowess.

All these selections are icon-driven, with a little hand which you move round the screen until it points at the option you want.

The map shows the familiar mildewed carpet of golf simulations, with black fairways and smooth greens.

Approach shots are OK, but when you reach the green, even the magnified view cannot show what is happening. The closer you get to the hole the more difficult it is to judge direction, which is ridiculous.

All your brilliance at gauging wind 22 and whatnot to reach the green in two on a par five hole goes for nothing as you miss five two-foot putts on the trot. It also seems weird that a full-strength putt may not carry to the hole.

It is certainly one of the prettiest and friendly Golf games we have seen, though a real test of player and programmer would be the inclusion of contours and sloping greens.

If you must buy a Golf simulation for ten quid then Argus has a very pleasant game it would love to flog you.

Chris Bourne