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Big K

New Venture
By Falcon Computing
Spectrum 48K

Published in Big K #7

New Venture

A po-faced simulation for prospective accountants. The object of the game (I use the term with all due respect, gents) is to run a business (you're given the option of buying either a small village shoppe or a big town megastore), scam the taxman and acquire whatever luxuries (bonus points!) you can afford. The menu offers an opportunity to place ads in the media, visit your bank (presumably to pay for the ads) and plan effective stock management. Yawnsville dad. You continue all this until you've earnt enough filthy lucre to afford the fabled Falcmobile. At that point you're so disgustingly rich the program can beat no more and dies. It's a sombre lark indeed.

The inlay card declares: "Because of the complex nature of this program we are putting a PG rating on it. Suitable for only intelligent people about the age of 14 years old. Well "Ptoo! Fooey!" to them, eh, kids?! We don't wanna play their stupid game anyway.