Navy Moves

Publisher: Dinamic
Machine: Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #51


When will Dinamic get round to writing just one type of game? Navy Moves comes close with two above average separate games, but I'm sure they've skimped on the game quality you'd associate with one big game.

Navy Moves

Surprisingly dull use of colours isn't helped a lot by a lack of significant detail in the characters - music's dead good though. The first section has graphic variety but the octopus section is way too tough. Thankfully the second section is a ot more involved with action and thought required to progress.


Navy Moves offers nothing significantly new but I found myself hooked for quite a time. It's nothing flash to look at, and gameplay is a bit basic, but the blasting action is quite addictive, and Dinamic have added the need to search for items such as extra ammo and passcodes, which assist in lifting the product above the realms of a shoot-'em-up.

A game which you'll warm to initially but whose lasting qualities are questionable.


Navy Moves

Presentation 65%
Generally pleasing.

Graphics 64%
Not outstanding.

Sound 80%
Groovy tunes and title track.

Navy Moves

Hookability 43%
Level one is too difficult.

Lastability 56%
The arcade adventure elements instill some interest.

Overall 62%
A fairly enjoyable romp.