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Narco Police
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #81

Narco Police

Perhaps I'm just a dribbling old fool, but I can't for the life of me fathom why this was such a hit on its first YS outing. It's a Xybots-style 3D shoot-'em-up where you've got to rush about spraying gunfire around and looking tough. There's also a strategy (eek!) side to it - you've got a whole bunch of soldiers to deploy as you see fit, and a sort of computer terminal thingy which you can type commands into. (Tip: Symbol Shift helps here, something the instructions might have mentioned.)

I think Linda must have been exploring the use of sarcasm when, in her original review, she described the graphics as "really smooth." The graphics are most certainly not smooth. Anything but, in fact. There's no sound, either, except for a very quiet 'chuff' noise when you fire. Hardly an inspiring playing environment, then, and one which almost prevented me from unearthing the okayish game that's lurking underneath, (There is one. Sort of.)

Jonathan Davies

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