Nanodemo (Jacek Michalak/The Catman) Review | Your Sinclair - Everygamegoing

Your Sinclair

By The Catman
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #87


A new bunch (well, to me anyway), Jacek and Cat-Man have come up with a very imaginative demo that, well, I really like. Part of the appeal is that by looking closely, you can see how they've managed to do each part. It's sort of like letting you in on the secret or something. (And from here ladies and gentlemen, it's but a small step to burble burble burble. Ed)

First on up is a lovely animated screen featuring thirty-two rotating Earths. As I said, if you pay attention you can see how the effect has been achieved, but it looks really smart nonetheless. Part Two is a similarly impressive piece o' programming - ten digitised faces bouncing on the spot with intertia. Part Three opens with a rather dull vertical scroller (each letter is repeated thirty-two times, so you get a whole line of, erm, one letter) but bounces back with a well-executed bob effect. (You know, loads of little balls on-screen at once.) The pattern's a bit unexciting though, and the demolette finishes somewhat abruptly. What a shame.

And so to Part Four, being the fourth part, or that part which comes after the third. (It's burble time! Ed) There's a smart symmetrical pattern drawing thing which, well, smartly draws a symmetrical pattern. The wonder of maths, eh? The finale is a simple animated pic of some fractals (or mandlebrots, or something) which is appropriately called 'Respiration'. But before we dash to the final verdict, a special mention for the decompressor. It's awful. It decompresses to the colour memory, so you get a load of blobs splattering across the screen. And it's dead slow. Well, a minor point. Oh, another one is the coarse humour. Bit 1970-Reg-Varney-sitcom-ish really, and in today's style-oriented times, such things are death in the better social circles. (Oh, hoity-toity. Ed)