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Home Computing Weekly

My First Adventure
By Jolly Rogers
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #82

As the name suggests, this is a children's adventure. The object is simply to move around and discover what you can. There is no mission to complete like most adventures.

As you move around you come across various characters from nursery rhymes and the places in which they live. Certain locations have pictures. These are not too special but do make a break from the textual descriptions.

One thing that worries me is that it is based around a subject that only very young children find interesting. The problem arises when you sit little five-year-old Jimmy in front of a VDU and realise that he cannot read, write, type or spell. Surely a beginner's adventure should be aimed at children of at least eight-years-old and be based round children's adventure stories.

The instructions supplied give a brief description of what adventure games are all about and the basic principles involved.

Loading caused no problems, but in case it does the game has been recorded on both sides of the cassette tape.