MXCopy (Logic Systems) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Logic Systems

Published in Home Computing Weekly #36

This utility program is a multimode screen dump for the Epson range of matrix printers, the MX80 type 3, FX80 and RX80.

The program has two modes for dumps - for screen modes 0, 1 and 2 a black and white fast dump, while screen mode 3 allows a grey shading slow colour dump.

The graphics program has to have a few extra lines added. These instructions load and run the cassette every time you wish 10 dum p a screen and here is a failing - the program has to bc loaded every timc!

That's a slow job with cassenc, However, at least Logic Systems recorded the program on both sides of the tape so there is no delay in rewinding.

The instructions supplied are on the cassette insen and are good, but you will need very keen eyesight to read the small printing! The parameters that control the dumps are well explained, and give the user room for experimentation.

For the disc user it would have bcen nice to see instructions on how to transfer the program. This would speed up dumps and save the frustration of the slow loading of the cassette.

But it's a good value, adaptable and useful utility to have around.