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Amstrad Action

Mutant Monty
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1

Mutant Monty

This is what you might call Manic Miner without the jumping. Monty has to collect several lots of gold off 40 screens and only when he has got the lot can be exit to the next screen and rescue the damsel at the end of the game.

Each screen has the gold tucked away in tricky places which are guarded by the usual, weird collection of implausible aliens. Monty moves around in rather an odd way, continuing in the direction you start him in and accelerating if you keep pushing in that direction.

Most gold bars are positioned so that getting to them requires not only good timing but very fast movement too. All the aliens follow regular movement patterns but sometimes the interlocking of two or more aliens may force you to wait until the exact right moment appears.

There is a time limit for each screen and if this runs out or you bump into an alien then you lose one of your lives. The inertia on Monty is a little odd at first but with practice it allows you to nip into some tight corners.

Good News

P. Lots of testing screens.
P. Some nice aliens and screen layouts.

Bad News

N. Odd character control.
N. Not a very original game.