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Home Computing Weekly

Mutant Monty
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #100

Stunning graphics and a multitudinous array of screens provide a colourful display throughout the entire duration of this amazingly clever game.

Guiding Monty by using either the keyboard or a joystick through a complex variety of fast-moving hazards is a challenge indeed.

I found it difficult to stop playing the game long enough to write this review, which serves to emphasise just how compulsive it can become.

Lightning fast reactions are essential in trying to avoid awful nasties like the Parallelians and the rarer Quantum Leapies.

Having secured all the gold, Monty then has to rescue a maiden in distress. Although desperate to see just what the distress looks like (!), and not having reached that part of the game yet, I can't comment on it.

There is no reason to believe the graphics will be any less appealing, than all the other pages shown on the demonstration sequence.

Played against the clock for bonus points your five lives are at risk. Trying to beat the clock leads to inevitable errors that a more cautious approach might well have avoided. Alternatively, caution takes time!


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