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Munch Man
By Texas Instruments

Published in Personal Computer Games #3

Munch Man

Texas Instruments' version of Pacman offers you cartridge convenience, but at the price of poor graphics and, if you don't have joysticks, infuriating movement keys.

The maze is well thought out, however, with six exits, so you can move about the screen quicker than in most versions.

Instead of gobbling dots, in this game you leave 'footprints' behind you, and as soon as you have covered the available floor space, you move on to the next screen.

You have three lives, and the longer you last, the more intelligent the four ghosts become, until at the higher levels they become very difficult indeed to avoid. Picking up an energizer turns the opposition black and also increases your speed. The effects of the energizers last longer in this game than in most, and when you catch up with a ghost it disappears with a satisfying crunch.

If you have a joystick, don't mind the mediocre graphics, and want to play a Pacman-type game, then this is perhaps worth considering.


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