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Home Computing Weekly

Munch Man
By Texas Instruments

Published in Home Computing Weekly #32

Without beating around the bush, and at the risk of a law suit by Atari, this is a straight Pacman copy with enough differences to keep Atari's lawyers away.

The main difference is that instead of eating up dots, you have to lay them.

Joysticks or keyboard can be used, control is awkward, and it's sometimes easy to miss a turn off with dire consequences.

The proverbial ghosts and power pills remain, although they are flashing TI logos, along with the tunnels.

The maze is simpler and the graphics leave something to be desired. The fruits that appear in normal Pacman are also absent.

The instructions are fairly concise, although their clarity is clouded by being written in six languages, and you must dig out the British version.

Sound is included and although adequate, could be improved.

Overall, this is a reasonable Pacman reproduction - the only differences are detrimental to the game. I would only recommend this game to the dedicated Pacman addict with lots of spare money to fling around.


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