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Mugsy's Revenge
By Melbourne House
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #55

Mugsy's Revenge

"Hey boss, Mugsy and the Melbourne House mob are back in Town!"

"That little upstart. What's his angle this time?"

"Moonshine smuggling mainly, but he wants to get into a nightclub business too, boss."

"I heard he was having another crack at a computer games racket."

"Dat's right, boss. I gotta holda of dis new tape when we raided the Melbourne House mob's new HQ. They put up quita fight boss, but we managed to grab a coupla copies of da game before de Feds arrived and spoilt everyone's fun!"

"Well, let's see it then, Spike. Don't keep us in suspense ya dumb bozo!

"Mmmm. Looksalot like Mugsy's first game. Similar graphics - some animated. Very pretty. But it's till basically one of those strategic trading games with a few frills.

"Looks like he wants everyone to know just how to become a Godfather figure lika me. I must say the bits where you get to recruit a mob, set up a smuggling network and paya off the Feds is all very realistic. And this time you can send off your hitmen to knock off your enemies - a nice touch, Mugsy. But is it nice enough to keepa my attention for longer than half an hour?

"Well, I don't think so. The graphics are pretty. But we all know what they say about pretty faces, don't we? And even the prospect of making a few grand and opening up nightclubs doesn't add much to what went before in the original game.

"Yeah, it's a nice idea and it looksa nice but it ain't really a full price game - not in this day and age. After all, it is 1919! People want a bit more sophistication dese days."

"Yeah boss, like that cute little fox Samantha..."

"Shutaya face Spike, this is a family magazine! But while we're on the subject. What happened to my copy of my favourite card game?"

"Well, uh, boss, you know, the boys..."

"You're just like Mugsy, Spike - cute on the outside but with nothing inside to back it up! Unless you find me that game you're goin' to end up reviewin' games for the ZX81 again! Now get out and find it - quickly!"