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Mr. Wino
By Silverbird
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Sinclair User #78

Mr. Wino

Good Lord. Whatever next? Mr Heroinaddict? Mr Meths? Who can say? Evidently it doesn't really matter that the entire escapade centres around getting as plastered as possible, so long as you tell the punters that, "Drinking is for Mr Wino - not kids." I suppose so long as we say "Kerb Crawling is for Mr Pervert not Kids," would excuse a game called Molestor.

Anyway, despite all the ropey plot, Mr Wino is a blasted good platforms and ladders bonanza. It's been written by Probe Software, who seem to make most of their money by churning out loads and loads of budget games in between doing the odd 'biggy' (see previews this month). As a result of their experience, they can knock out perfectly reasonable budget games very easily.

The idea of things is that Mr Wino is such an incorrigible drunkard that his entire life revolves around staggering from one bottle of wine to another. He's stuck in a horrible maze of nasty traps and aliens and monsters and he's running out of air and getting more sober by the minute.

Dashing around the screens (which, though standard runnyjumpy fare are well constructed) you guide Wino, a disgusting blue blob with a big nose. I figure it should really have been red but had to be the same colour as the rest of his body because of attribute probs.

There really aren't any inventive touches whatsoever. Ladders to climb, holes through which you fall, spikes from the ceiling, conveyor belts etc etc.

There is a very nice use of colour and although we have seen absolutely everything before, it's perfectly playable and should keep you occupied until dinner is ready.

Label: Silverbird Author: Probe Software Price: £1.99 Memory: 48K/128K Joystick: various Reviewer: Jim Douglas

Overall Summary

Tried and tested platforms and ladders formula.

Jim Douglas

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