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Mr. Wino
By Silverbird
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #42

Mr. Wino

Having consumed numerous bevvies in an all-night drinking binge, Mr. Wino finds himself staggering home in a drunken stupor (a bit like Maff on a Friday night, really). Somehow managing to get the key in the door, he collapses into a restless sleep. In his nightmare, he is trapped in an underground complex, many locked doors barring his way, and only wine bottles can help him escape.

You guide our hapless hero through flick-screens of platforms and ladders, dodging various nasties and leaping gaps. Bottles lying around the rooms open doors but they are often guarded, and contact with one of the underground creature loses one of your three lives. But hasten! - each room has a limited air supply, and a life is lost when this is gone.

Note: "Drinking is for Mr. Wino, not kids!" (to quote the cassette inlay).


I can remember the time, many moons ago, when Manic Miner-style platform games were the 'in' thing. Years have passed since then, and Silverbird come up with Mr. Wino, a game that has missed the original and several other similar boats.

What makes it even worse is the fact that it isn't even as good as Manic Mainer! The graphics are totally lacking in wit, originality or atmosphere. There is a token attempt at wit - the computer plays 'Ten Green Bottles' every time a bottle is collected - but I must confess that, after listening to this for the umpteenth time, there was no hint of a smile on my lips. Avoid at all costs.


This simple platform and ladders game is very old-fashioned, and with the limited air supply its format is reminiscent of Manic Miner, except all the characters and objects are considerably larger, making screens and action cramped.

Some of the gameplay aspects are a bit dubious, too - I could stand on thin air in some places, and on more than one occasion I walked through the middle of a platform.

Rooms lack the interest of even the oldest of platform games, and consequently the same goes for the game as a whole. Yeuch.


Presentation 47%
Tedious loader and bugs are present.

Graphics 32%
Poor sprite definition and minimal colour.

Sound 36%
Annoying rendition of 'Ten Green Bottles' and similarly aggravating effects.

Hookability 56%
Some fond memories of the good old days.

Lastability 12%
About as addictive as a hangover.

Overall 17%
If you spend £1.99 on this you'll want to hit the bottle.