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Home Computing Weekly

Mr. Freeze
By Firebird
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #114

Had this program been launched about two years ago before all other ladders and levels games, it would undoubtedly have been a best seller.

At this price it should still do well, if you need one of these to complement your software library then look no further.

Good sound and fast smooth moving graphics are evident on each of six different screens.

The object is to de-freeze six refrigerated compartments by moving along the various levels and up or down the ladders to reach a button that will effectively cause the compartment to defrost.

Boredomsville has been abandoned by allowing you to start on any screen, a feature lacking in earlier versions of this popular game. This is quite a bit more difficult even amongst experienced players, which serves to increase the challenge.

A multitude of moving hazards must be avoided whilst navigating towards the target area. Additionally a laser guards the ladders intermittently, providing instant annihilation.

Use of the joystick is optional, I found it better to use the keyboard especially as this can be programmed to use keys of your own choice.

Detailed instructions are printed on the cassette inlay, augmented by a revealing demonstration sequence that provides newcomers with all but their ice-pick.


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