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Your Sinclair

Mountie Mick's Death Ride
By Reaktor
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #21

Mountie Mick's Death Ride

Home, home on the range... Oh, wrong country! It's a tough life being a mountie. You have to do good deeds, and wander round the country on your horse. Yup, times are hard, and they're getting harder. Y'see, the McCluskey gang has robbed the Trans-Canadian Express of all its gold. I disturbed them, and now they're on the run from me. They can't escape, the law will prevail in the end... I hope...

You play the part of the intrepid mountie in Reaktor's newie, and you've got to run around on a moving train chasing the baddies. Unfortunately, though, Mountie Mick isn't as big and tough as he could be. All the figures look like they've been squished to two-thirds their original size, and they all run from right to left. Reminded me of nothing more than Butch Hard Guy and the rotten graphics therein.

You can run along the top or the bottom of the carriages, though you're more prone to the baddies bombs on the bottom. However, all is not lost, 'cos someone helpfully left some bombs around for you, as well as a standard issue Smith and Wesson shooter.

Also, you suffer from a weight problem - your portly little sprite can dish out death simply by jumping on top of any stray baddies. And you've been provided with a gas mask, so when some gas turns up, as it does from time to time, you've got to be pretty nifty to fight it and the McCluskeys. When the train goes through the tunnels, you'd better be handy with your torch, too, 'cos if you don't, you're dog meat. One last tip - if you press either the + or -, you get light weight body armour. This stops you being shot.

The graphics are pretty sub standard, even for a £4.99 game. The scrolling's jerky and the baddies just appear out of nowhere. Also, you can drop off the carriages in the middle, but not at the end. Once you've vanquished one train, you jump onto a handy hand cart and pump your way along to the next train, and the next, and the next...

All in all, Mountie Mick is a pretty 'yup' game, and I must admit, I had this strong urge to turn it off after a while. Not the greatest game in the world.

A dinky little game in the Express Raider mould with Butch Hard Guy figures. Reaktor should have spent more time on it.

Tony Lee