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Motorcycle 500
By Cult Games
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #63

Motorcycle 500

Yes, it's text-only manager time again! If you're fed up with soccer teams, cricket clubs or boxers, why not try and run two motorcycles at once? Motorcycle 500 gives you this chance.

You must select a sponsor team, a type of motorcycle (such as Kawasaki, Yamaha or Suzuki) and a couple of riders. As with many management games, the details are as (or were at time of writing) very accurate. All the famous riders are featured as well as the bikes and sponsors (usually fag-makers like Marlboro). You can select Randy Mamola, Eddie Lawson or even Barry 'bionic' Sheene. Your lads' skill ratings are displayed, as well as the condition of the two bikes. You have a certain amount of dosh to spend on the bikes, race fees and so on, so must balance the budget until you have reached an acceptable level of proficiency without going too far into the red. The bank is very strict about this.

Next you enter a race. You can choose to enter both your riders, or just one riding a far superior bike, with all your dough spent on it alone. Obviously each option has its merits. Watch the weather; it affects the choice of tyres. So, fill up with four-star (unleaded, of course), and go racing!

Motorcycle 500

The race is over 20 laps. You get an update each lap, with details of crashes, overtakings and mechanical troubles. This is quite exciting, especially if the weather changes and people start tumbling all over the track.

Unfortunately, Motorcycle 500 is too slow. Huge amounts of time pass with only the word 'Interlude' on the screen to keep you company. The races take an age, and you are almost powerless to change the linear format of the game. You just set up the bikes, wait for eons, race, wait for eons, and set up the bikes again afterwards. It tends to spoil the excitement.

There is no sound but there are very rudimentary graphics when the races are on. Unfortunately this isn't enough. The game is too pedestrian; there really aren't enough options and factors to make it interesting.

Second Opinion

Motorcycle 500

Better than most management sims because you actually get to see the bikes going past. Other than that, there's not much to stir the blood.

First Day Target Score

Race a whole season.


Graphics 38%
N. Small window with smaller motorcycles whizzing past.
P. But many management games don't even go this far!

Sonics 0%
N. Akin to wearing incredibly effective ear-muffs.

Grab Factor 37%
P. It could be a nice idea...

Staying Power 32%
N. But it's far too slow and lacks immediacy. One to play during long months in hospital with both your legs broken.

Overall 36%
Treat this the same way Barry Sheene treats electro-magnets.

James Leach

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