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Mortal Kombat II (Acclaim)

By Sega

Sega Master System (EU Version)


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Published in Mean Machines Sega #25

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Mortal Kombat II

Sometimes things get a little unfair in the Sega family. The oldest brother of the lot, good old Master System, often misses out on toys to play with because wunderkind Megadrive flashes those doey eyes and nabs all the goodies.

But thanks to Shao Kahn, the Master System has received an invite to a smaller, more bijou Mortal Kombat II tournament of its own. Four of the twelve contenders have decided to grab some winter sun, but for the remaining eight, it's another fight to the death.

Immortal Mortals

Obviously some trimming was necessary to pack the coin-op into the Master System cart, but still let's have a look at the moves and grooves:

  1. Lui Kang
    Bicycle kick, flying kick, fireball (high and low) fatality
  2. Sub-Zero
    Freeze (high and low), slide, fatality
  3. Mileena
    Sai-throw, roll attack, teleport kick, fatality
  4. Kitana
    Fan swipe, fan lift, fan toss, square dive, fatality
  5. Scorpion
    Spear, teleport, scissor kick, air throw, fatality
  6. Reptile
    Acid spit, orb, invisibility, fatality
  7. Shang Tsung
    Fireball (1, 2 and 3 balls), morph, fatality
  8. Jax
    Earthquake, energy wave, gotcha grab, back breaker, super slam, fatality


In theory, this Master System conversion of MKII should be a direction port from the Game Gear version. To look at, it most certainly is as all the animations and fatalities of the handheld game are there.

However, somewhere along the line, loads of jerkiness and slowdown have crept in, making this a disappointing conversion. Still, it's the best of a bad bunch for Master System owners.


Probe sure set themselves a task and a half with this conversion and they have done a remarkable job.

Yet the Game Gear version somehow managed to keep up with the Megadrive's power, whereas the Master System just cannot stand the heat. Saying this, MK II is undoubtedly the best beat-'em-up on the 8-bit star of yesteryear and deserves a look at.


Graphics 90%
Successfully retains the detailed characters, but loses speed.

Sound 75%
The original tunes and thumps in Master System-o-rama.

Playability 79%
Hideously slow and pedestrian, but still a great laugh.

Lastability 82%
Flawed, but still an essential purchase for Master System owners.

Value For Money 79%
Eight great characters with loads of moves to learn.

Overall 80%
Ambitious and impressive in the looks department, yet cumbersome in the speed stakes.

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Value For Money