Mordon's Quest
By Melbourne House
Commodore 64

Published in Zzap #40

Mordon's Quest

Your efforts to save the universe span thousands of years and numerous worlds infested with adversaries to outwit and hazards to overcome.

The opening scenes revolve around a familiar house surrounded by an eerie mist. Exploration of the building highlights the necessity to get out, and a chance meeting with Mordon - the ancient one - reveals the threat to the universe and life as we know it. To restore peace and harmony, Mordon must have his immortality machine restored to working order. The parts have been scattered throughout time and you have been charged with finding them and transporting them back to the ancient one. Any treasures you may pick up along the way are yours to keep.

The first part entails trudging through a strange jungle and dealing with homicidal pygmies, man-eating plants and Tarzan, who requires an answer which can be found by drawing a map of his kingdom.

A time machine is yours to use - once found. it opens up the whole adventure. You will travel to ancient cities, to when Romans ruled the earth and to futuristic worlds of perspex domes, robots and strange music. Characters awaiting your interaction are as diverse as Roman Emperors and The Amazing Spiderman.

A good atmosphere, intelligent interaction and a creative plot make Mordon's Quest a must.