Moonwalker (Kixx) Review | Zzap - Everygamegoing


By Kixx
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #77


You don't need a chronic movie to make a duff game - see Indy III! - but a dire version of a dire movie seems more appropriate somehow. And for all Wacko's perfectionist reputation, both Moonwalker game and movie are awful. Indeed Emerald Software (Vigilante, The Running Man) start off in the worst possible way with a look-down maze-game that was exceedingly dated when it was originally released.

Worst still, the style is repeated four times (!) on Level Two as Wacko rides his bike in a search for 10 orbs to transform it into a Stratos Car. Fortunately, these two levels are well-produced but the game pace is exceedingly slow and the rabbit suit has to be collected in the right order and that means a lot of wandering back and to right from the start.

Level Three sees a vital change of game style and location when Michael enters the Club 30's, machine-guns Mr. Big's henchmen and throws his anti-violence ethic out the window. It's not quite Dick Tracy but isn't far off, unfortunately.

Ditto for the final level as Mr. Big, his henchmen and his plasma cannon get slaughtered taking on Robot Wacko in a simplistic but graphically good Operation Wolf variant.

Looking back, the 60% review in issue 55 seems generous. The tedious nature of the first two levels ruins any long-term appeal, as Robin put it: "total overkill which (while playable) quickly begins to try the patience".

Presentation is generally good with a 'magic boots' title sequence that's impressive even now and some OK inter-level screens. But it's not enough, especially with heavy multi-load for each level. Dire music, few great visuals and the overall impression that it's a waste of time: this criticism could apply to the film or the game equally well.