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Computer Gamer

Moon Cresta
By Incentive
BBC Model B

Published in Computer Gamer #16

Moon Cresta

Aaarrrgh! What on earth have Incentive done here? Incentive Software have produced some pretty impressive pieces of software in their time - Moon Cresta for the Spectrum and Amstrad being two of them. You would think that the BBC Micro would be capable of running what is, basically, a simple program.

Instead we have a slow, visually un-interesting and boring game rather than the slick bit of code that the Amstrad version was. Now the Amstrad is a notoriously slow computer, and the graphics are more or less identical to what the BBC can produce. So you would expect the BBC version to have the same (very high quality) graphics and extremely high speed...!

The game will be familiar to Gamer readers - shoot all the aliens, occasionally complete a bonus section by docking your ship and gain extra firepower. Despite the simple plot (There isn't one!) and the straightforward gameplay, this is usually a very good game to play.

Sorry to say that this version isn't.

As I hinted before, the graphics are bad, the game is sluggish, and there are bugs in the alien movement. To cap it all the extremely irritating Moon Cresta theme tune that I hate so much that I desperately try not to be destroyed, is only one channel and is wrong! The game is also "Lenslocked".

As a dedicated shoot-'em-up fan, Moon Cresta is one of my all-time favourite games. Unfortunately, it isn't on the BBC Micro. The only thing to recommend this game is that there is very little else out on the market for this machine.