ZX Computing

Moon Cresta

Publisher: Incentive
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #19

Moon Cresta

Wow! This was one of my favourite arcade games and I thought when I saw the adverts "Oh yes, another inferior, highly hyped copy," but boy was I wrong!

This has all the challenge and features of the original, if you want to try it out just go to your nearest arcade and put 20p in the machine of the same name. Even the music/sounds are the same. You are travelling in a three-stage rocket when the evil aliens materialise in the centre of the screen and attack in a swirling pattern. Hit them and they split into two, hit them again and they die, destroy them all and another wave appears.

After five waves the second stage of your rocket appears, and if you successfully dock with it you continue with twice the firepower (you'll need it!).

In the next section, the aliens materialise, nip backwards and forwards before finally making kamikaze dives on you. The play levels are perfect, you can achieve reasonable success in the first few attempts and this will encourage you to try for a higher position in the high score chart. You just "know" you'll do better next time...!

As a pure zap 'em all space game it is one of the best, a must for arcade enthusiasts.