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Home Computing Weekly

Moon Buggy
By Visions
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #55

Unfortunately, the instructions just state LOAD"", and should read LOAD""CODE. A small point, maybe, but one that can throw a newcomer to the Spectrum into a panic.

The game is of the space invader type, but the base is a four-wheeled buggy. Apart from flying baddies, there are all kinds of things in the horizontal plane as well. These are rather graceful and appear to be performing a ballet. They still drop bombs, of course. The landscape is pitted with potholes. If you fall into one, or are hit by a missile, then a wheel drops off to signify a life lost. You can jump over the potholes, if you are not too busy.

The graphics, though strange-looking, move smoothly, and there is very positive keyboard response. I am very impressed by the programming standard.

Small gripes: along with other programmers, this one has a times made a poor choice of paper/ink. And, as I say here often, the option to choose your own control keys should be included. A good quality game for those not tired of space invaders.


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