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Monty On The Run
By Gremlin
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #57

Monty On The Run

Keep on running, good old Monty Mole is back on the run bidding for freedom. This time it's on the Amstrad and a very credible performance it is.

The plot of the game should now be familiar to most people. After Monty's breakout from Scudmore Prison, he must make his way to freedom through hideouts and secret locations.

To help him on his journey, Monty has been given a "freedom kit" containing 21 useful items. These range from a compass and a bottle of rum to a floppy disk. But only the correct five items will get through to the end of the game. So pick wisely.

Scattered throughout the 49 screens are gold coins which Monty must collect to make himself a comfortable nest egg. And, of course, there are various nasties lurking around to make sure Monty's freedom is cut short.

Basically Monty On The Run is a platform game in which he must cope with ropes, ladders, etc to get to new locations.

The graphics, as one would expect on the Amstrad, are very bright and colourful. In the sound stakes, the Commodore version still have the edge.

Monty's success keeps on running for Gremlin. A hit.