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Amstrad Action

Monty On The Run
By Kixx
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #50

Monty On The Run

I feel like a spoilt child at someone else's birthday party, but it's got to be said, Monty On the Run stinks!

Somehow this game won a place in the hearts of millions of CPC owners the world over. It may have inspired games like Dizzy, but historical interest does not a good game make!

A 49 screen complex has to be explored by this most loathable of moles. As he finds his way around, he is attacked by fearsome beasts such as teapots!

The graphics are laughably dated and only the music helps pull it out of the mire of complete farce. An average game in its day, an appalling game now.

Second Opinion

Now I really liked this first time round and I think it still has some magic. So it's no the great shakes as a looker, but it's still fun to play.


Graphics 25%
N. Graphics show their age.

Sonics 73%
P. Nice musak.

Grab Factor 56%
N. Trial and error gameplay kills interest.

Staying Power 49%
N. Only 49 screens!

Overall 37%
N. Once a classic (?), now a museum piece.

Trenton Webb