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Monty Is Innocent
By Gremlin
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #42

Monty Is Innocent

The adventures of Monty Mole continue in Gremlin's latest release - which also features a new hero, Sam Stoat, star of his own Gremlin game.

Here, however, Sam is out to help his mate Monty who has been sent to spend some time among the low life of Scudmore Prison for an act no more dastardly than borrowing a bucketful of coal.

Sam has to collect keys from the Governor's office and explore the cells of the prison in order to help Monty escape.

Monty Is Innocent is a novel mixture of maze and arcade adventure games with a few platform-style screens thrown in.

Graphics are colourful and the characters well animated - but I didn't find the game met the high standard set by Monty's first release.

Having said that, Gremlin are building up a nice set of computer characters - I'll be waiting for the further exploits of Monty Mole and Sam Stoat with interest.