A&B Computing

Monsters And Magic

Publisher: Interactive Software People
Machine: BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 1.09

Monsters And Magic is described as a fantasy adventure game that involves both hard thinking and quick reflexes.

You start at home base. When you have completed the dungeon where all the adventures take place, you must return there in order to sell your treasure and finish the game, although you may also return during the course of the game to recover from combat, regain lost spells or to sell treasure. You can roam about the dungeon in the traditional adventure manner, i.e. by entering NORTH, SOUTH, etc, but when you meet a hostile being, you enter combat which is in real time. This means that if you miss your chance to strike, the monster will probably kill you! There are many difficult puzzles to solve and also numerous monsters to defeat, all in real time.

The great thing about this game is that it's modular and there are two types of data for the dungeons. This effectively means that you have two games. Also, as well as a predefined character, you can define your own character i.e. increase intelligence, dexterity, etc either to make the game more difficult or easier.

This game is very different from any adventure or strategy games and is truly challenging. The ability to change the characteristics means that you can set the difficulty of the game in a unique way. Unless you are a total arcade game freak, you should find Monsters And Magic very enjoyable.