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Home Computing Weekly

Monster Maths
By Shards
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #77

These programs, in the "Fun to Learn" series are intended to help you develop mathematical and logical skills. There are five games each with nine levels and automatic difficulty adjustment linked to performance.

The first game deals with relative sizes of two rectangles. The second deals with mental arithmatic. Give the name of a friend, answer the questions correctly and a nicely animated monster eats your friend. Get them wrong or answer too slowly and you get eaten.

Times, tables and arithmatic are the next two games which are well executed.

The final game is called Mystery Numbers. You are given three numbers and a total and you must provide the two arithmatic operators which, when combined with the three numbers, give a sum which will provide the specified answer. This is a challenging test of your deductive logic.

Throughout you are given the option to finish the game you are playing and return to the main menu. A score card is maintained enabling you to check your performance.

An aid to confidence as well as being fun to play.


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