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Molecule Man
By Mastertronic
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer Gamer #18

Molecule Man

Molecule Man is another excellent game from those awfully nice Mastertronic people. This is a game that originally came out on the ZX Spectrum but has since been converted to the Amstrad, and with no ill effects.

This game surprised me in that it wasn't in their MAD range, as it is easily good enough. The game is a 3D solve-the-puzzle game as first used by Ultimate before they went funny, and it is an interesting statement on the state of the industry that a game of this calibre is being shipped out at a price this low - but then you could probably say this about 60% of Mastertronic's products.

You play a spherical object with a sickly grin on its face whose main aim in life is to collect sixteen pieces of a circuit which will allow you to escape via the teleporter.

However, as the radiation count increases, you have to find money to buy more anti-radiation pills. Alternatively, you can buy bombs to destroy walls and other obstructions in the maze.

Also included in the package is a maze designer which will let you edit the maze, or create new ones to your own taste - making it easier perhaps? Two thirds of the instructions are to tell you how the designer works, and you need them.

The graphics in the game are very good and the animation is largely flicker-free and convincing. The maze construction to begin with is very good and challenging, and if that wears off you could always create yourself another one.

The problems as such are simpler than most games of this ilk, not involving the manipulation of vast numbers of objects for instance. But they easily gave me a good run for my money. If this isn't worth £2 then nothing is.