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Mission Jupiter
By Codemasters
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #26

Mission Jupiter

You are equipped with a rocket pack and a laser, and set off to journey across the planet of Jupiter, home of the great red zit. Well, why not? It was a nice sunny day; it seemed perfectly natural.

There are ten levels of scrolling graphics to travel across. Each level is several screens wide and they are occupied by a variety of aliens. The first level has space-suited aliens armed with lasers and lasers cannons which point into the sky. Level two has UFO's which move up and down the screen as they come towards you. Missiles and meteors enter on level three and homing missiles join in on level four. Ground-based hazards are fires and spikes and these must be flown over.

You have limited ammunition and fuel in your rocket pack. Fortunately, fuel and ammunition appear randomly on each level. These are picked up by landing on them. You have four lives to complete the game with.

Mission Jupiter

Tne scrolling of the scenery is jerky but the backgrounds are colourful and detailed. The sprites are small and there is little animation. There are no tunes, but the sound effects are quite good. For the price it's quite a good game although the gameplay is repetitive.

First Day Target Score

Complete four levels.

Second Opinion

You can't really complain about a game like this - it's cheap, colorful, fast-moving and reasonably tough. It won't set the world alight, but it might pass some time pleasantly enough.

Green Screen View

Mission Jupiter

No great problems in this department.


Graphics 72%
P. Good use of colour.
N. Jerky scrolling.

Sonics 61%
P. Good explosions

Grab Factor 62%
P. Easy to get into.
P. Ten progressively difficult levels.

Staying Power 54%
P. May lose interest quickly.
P. Very little happening on screen.

Overall 62%
P. A cheap shoot-'em-up.

Gary Barrett

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