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Miser's Dream
By Microvision
Dragon 32

Miser's Dream

They call this Dragon game Miser's Dream. I'd call it Miser's Nightmare...

OK, what've you got to do? Well, set up an obstacle course so that pennies trickle from top left to bottom left. That's it. You move a few seesaws and then you sit back and watch.

Now I play and review a lot of games - and I like to think I give 'em all a chance. And, in the case of Dragon games, I don't expect too much either as most of them are quite basic. But this is an abomination!

First, it's totally boring. Mostly because all the things that are meant to keep you on your toes don't work at all.

There are dollar signs that fall from above, for example. If these collide with a penny, they vapourise it, so one thing you're expected to do is hover over these and zap them away. Hah! Just try it - not only does the cursor move like a lumbering zombie, but many screens require it to be permanently in one place, twisting a seesaw hither and thither. So as you soon as you move it, you lose a load of pennies just in the time it's somewhere else.

The other real baddy on the screen is a money spider - but he seems to do the sum total of nothing anyway!

Add to this an extremely user-unfriendly start menu - and sound which turns itself off for no reason at all halfway through the game. There's also a skill level option but changing it only seems to change the number... it doesn't increase the difficulty at all.

In short, it's rubbish!

Dave E

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