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Your Sinclair

Milk Race
By Mastertronic
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #20

Milk Race

A sort of poor man's Tour De France, (dig around in your memory circuits, everyone), Milk Race is a thrills and spills arcade simulation of the round Britain cycling race of the same name. You are one of eighty-four riders scrapping it out over a thousand thigh burning miles for the honour of the yellow jersey and victory.

It takes a lot of bottle to complete the thirteen stages, but luckily enough there are plenty of pintas to pick up along the way. These'll boost your energy supplies. But beware - swerving about these bendy roads is a dangerous occupation. Just touching one of your speeding compatriots will send you Adidas over titfer, while perilous potholes will slow you appreciably. You can control speed as well as direction but, more importantly, gauge your energy level to the road's gradient to accurately choose which gear you should be in.

The screens scroll smoothly enough, while the on-screen info of speed, energy, time elapse, score, gradient, gear and position mean you never need take your eyes from the road.

So if true love to you is a double butted 531 Reynolds framed Evans with wall greased campags, you are a) cu-raaaayy-zeee or b) you need a trick cyclist. Milk Race will keep you mega-chipper while you're locked away in the padded cell.

Fast moving cheapie that's taken the chart by storm. Not likely to provide long-term enjoyment, though.

Rick Robson