Computer Gamer

By Imagine
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #11


Based on the arcade game of the same name, Mikie sees our hero trying to get a message to his girlfriend. The action takes place in an American high school and to succeed, he must outwit various school officials such as the teacher, janitor and chef.

In order to send the message, Mikie must collect the hearts which are lying around as each one he gets represents a letter in the message. On the first screen, the action takes place in the classroom with the hearts being under the other pupils' desks. To collect them, Mikie must shift the pupils using a manoeuvre known as the 'hip-zap'. This involves standing next to someone and pressing the fire button and the appropriate direction key simultaneously. All the time that this is happening, you are being chased round the classroom by the teacher. Take too long or get caught and you have to start again.

When all the hearts have been collected, a bell rings and a sign above one of the doors flashes "out".


Once outside, you have to make your way along the corridor to the next door. This is the locker room. Here, the hearts are in threes and you collect them by facing them and pressing the fire button. You can also collect chickens and basketballs which can be used to hinder your chasers. And so it continues through the canteen, gym and schoolyard until you eventually catch up with your girlfriend.

The game is nice and colourful with some good graphics, the only problems coming when several of the characters (all in black) are near each other. There is also some excellent music (for the Spectrum) including A Hard Day's Night by The Beatles.

Mikie is a pleasant enough game to play but I doubt it has lasting appeal.