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Midnight Resistance
By Ocean
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Sinclair User #102

Midnight Resistance

Wow! All I can say is Wow! What a STORMING game! Guns you wouldn't believe, graphics to make you fall over and more action than a Schwarzenegger movie, Midnight Resistance has got it all.

Special FX are the boys behind Ocean's latest, and they've done a peachy job. If you saw last year's Cabal, you'll know what to expect from the graphics; colourful and detailed, clarified by visible outlines. See for yourself.

Now, frankly, we've seen quite a few Lone Soldier combat games, so what makes M.R. any different? For a start, the gameplay is superb. You can run, duck or jump at any moment, and you can loose your weapon (ooer) during any movement.

Rather than simply facing the appropriate way and firing, you actually turn around gradually. This makes for an entirely pleasing effect.

When the weapons are in use, the screen fairly fills with flying bullets, flames and lasers. Each time a bad guy bites the dust, he'll drop a key. These come in darned handy later on.

Now, you're not actually all alone. You're given a helping hand at the start of the game by a fellow resistance fighter in a jeep. While you're getting to grips with the controls and working out how to machine gun an arc above your head, she rumbles along, driving through all the baddies. If you're swift enough, you can leap onto her jeep and ride in (relative) safety through the first screens.

Once you get into the bulk of the game, life becomes altogether more exciting. Bad guys literally come at you from all angles. There are snipers hiding behind pillars, machine-gun toting loonies leaping out from every corner.

No matter how much is going on at any one point, the game never slows down, but the point I'm most pleased about is the fact that you can actually see every bullet as it comes towards you.

Having defeated the footsoldiers, you've got to take on a massive tank. This is a real test of nerve, because if you don't stand and fight, it'll simply run you over!

Once you've battled through the first stage, and blasted your way through a massive iron door, you'll be presented with every hero's dream; a room full of weapons. Using the keys you collected on the way, you can open up gun cabinets and select the weapon which best suits your needs.

From here on in, life gets really tough. The big tanks which were saved as a special end-of-level treat on the previous stage are trundling around all over the place. You've got to adjust to life getting very tricky pretty quick if you're going to survive.

And so it goes on; level after level of colourful, fast moving destruction.

Midnight Resistance is probably the ultimate military combat game. It stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Label: Ocean Price: £9.99 Reviewer: Jim Douglas

Overall Summary

Brakatazoom! Blam! Blam! Top notch gun-toting fun.

Jim Douglas

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