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Home Computing Weekly

By Microplot
Oric 48K/Atmos

Published in Home Computing Weekly #60

Microtext is described as an easy to use text and data processing package. It never actually says it is a wordprocessor or a database. I'm not surprised...

When loaded, the first thing that happened was "UDEF'D STATEMENT ERROR AT 20". A GOSUB statement to a non-existent line. I had to load the program again at slow speed. I typed in a few sentences to realise that it was in overwrite mode so I went into insert mode - which all decent word processors default to - and tried to type again.

Being mostly in Basic, if you try to insert a letter at the beginning, you have to wait a couple of seconds for the program to adjust all the letters. That's just for one letter and, just to put you off, it pings every time! I then tried replace and search. Up came a Syntax Error. I typed CTRL-D by mistake. Syntax Error. On many occasions, I lost a whole text for no apparent reason. Hmmmm...

There is a distinct lack of serious software for the Oric but I'm surprised any software house has the nerve to market a program of this quality. Avoid like the plague.


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