A&B Computing

By Firebird
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 2.09

A rather nice version of Tiptoe Through The Tulips keeps you entertained during the loading process.

The purpose of the game is that you, a galactic gardener are given the job of looking after a giant multi-platformed greenhouse. You start off with a laser pack and your mission is to feed the tulip type plants, keep the Aphid population to a minimum and rebuild six broken ladders by collecting new parts. As if the Aphids aren't enough to deal with, you also have to avoid acid drops that fall randomly from leaky pipes in the roof.

All ladders must be fully rebuilt before you are allowed to pass on to the second screen. If the plants are in need of nutrition, they must be fed. To feed the plants you have to drop your laser pack on an empty ledge, collect the nutrient can and spray the plants liberally. Unfortunately, if there are too many Aphids in the greenhouse the spray won't work and therefore careful planning of the time that you spend building, killing and feeding is essential if you are to aspire to the second screen. Future screens increase in difficulty with the arrival of further perils such as giant spiders and beetles.

The graphics are colourful and reasonably good except for the galactic garderner whose movement is not particularly smooth. The game itself is basically another shoot and avoid game and whilst it performs relatively well there is nothing exceptional that places it above many others of a similar nature.

The major plus for this piece of software is the price which must be taken into account. Whilst Microcosm will have only limited appeal to the more experienced games enthusiasts it will make an ideal starter game for new micro owners who cannot or do not wish to afford between £7.00 and £12.00 for cassette-based software.

David Glew

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