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Micro Power Magic
By Micro Power
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in A&B Computing 4.02

Micro Power Magic 1

When the Compact was released last year to enthusiastic Acorn followers, this compilation was one of the batch of initial Compact releases. Now, belatedly, it appears for the rest of the range.

As with all "best of" packages it is very variable in qualitty with an unfortunate number of games written in BASIC and now showing their age.

It contains Killer Gorilla, Where?, Martian Attack, Stock Car, Eldorado Gold, Plutonium Plunder, Barrage, Dune Rider, Nemesis and Labyrinths Of La Coshe.

Despite the age of some of this material, this is still a very enjoyable compilation and should help fill some gaps in a few collections. What about all the really good Micro Power games though?

Dave Reeder

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