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Your Sinclair

By Kixx
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #35


Metrocross is another of US Gold's sterling conversions. And this one's a real ripper, better to my mind than even Gauntlet or Uridium (both of which, to some extent, have been superseded).

This is a superbly addictive game, in which you race or, roller skates along a series of courses coping with all manner of nasty hazards. Yes, yes, I know, everyone's done a version of this - everyone always does - but this one's the business, with gameplay, graphics and speed all beyond compare. It's all against the clock, so you have to move a bit sharpish, but this is one of those excellent pieces of software that's easy to get into and devilishly hard to suss out completely - the ideal balance, to my mind. It's rare that we give a re-release a nine, but this one's a cert, John.

Marcus Berkmann

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